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March 21, 2015

“What if we federally funded theatre artists? How Hallie Flanagan and the Federal Theatre Project did it for a hot minute” by Elena Eyes
“Three economic paradoxes that made me think differently about democracy at work, from the French Revolution to today” by Esben Baek

136 Lawrence St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
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December 6, 2014

“The World’s Most Rapidly Depleting Resources That You’ve Never Heard Of (And Why You Should Care)” by Amanda Simson
“From Shylock to Payday Lenders: What’s a Fair Price for a Small Loan?” by Rob Levy

October 18, 2014

“New Design Ethics for Technology: Protecting Conscious Choice” by Tristan Harris
“Anarchism: It’s a nice idea in theory and it’ll totally work in practice” by GPaul Blundell/p>

September 20, 2014

“Raccoons Aren’t Rodents, Except When They Are: Tips from a Rock and Roll Fact Checker” by Alexis Sottile
“The Most Perfectly Formed Woman in the World: The Rise and Fall of Audrey Munson” by Elisabeth Donnelly


December 15, 2013

“Appetite for Destruction: Aggressive drive and the brain” by Annegret Falkner
“Can you build a sukkah on a camel?,” or, Jewish Ritual Architecture and the Search for Belonging by Gabi Berlinger


November 16, 2013

“Coworking Well: Social Design for Learning” by Vanessa Gennarelli
“History and Creativity: how cultural traditions shape self-expression and vice versa” by Jeremiah Lockwood
“The Deep Web: A Primer” by Gautam Punukollo


May 11, 2013

Artistotle’s Poetics and the Critical Response Method, from Oedipus Rex to The Wire” by Elizabeth Cho
“What this electric fish’s brain tells you about yours” by Tim Requarth


April 13, 2013


“The Price of Coffee” by Steven Davis
“Sickle Cells and Malaria: Tolerance as a Defense Mechanism” by Eugene Rudensky


March 23, 2013


“Egg Money: the process and politics of commodified fertility” by Catherine Lacey
“Whistle blowing in the digital age and constructing a story for Bradley Manning” by Jake Cosden


February 16, 2013


“Winter: season of survival…” by Gabriel Willow
“A Frog’s Tail: The story of a regional extinction and the unexpected discovery of newly documented species in the urban northeast” by Jeremy Feinberg


December 15, 2012


“The things I wish somebody had told me before I started a business” by Dan MacCombie
“A GWOT Glossary: The terminology of the war on terror” by Cora Currier
“Behavioral Seeds: A few sentences that can shape and reshape a culture” by Adam Cronkright



October 13, 2012


“Commensalism and the Hidden Ecosystems in Our Kitchens” by Gabriel Willow
“Visualizing Health and Environmental Information using HabitatMap and AirCasting” by Michael Heimbinder
“The Road to Fair Trade Cocoa in Haiti” by Ryan Cheney



May 19, 2012


“Sustainable Waste Management in India” by Ranjith Annepu
“Unlocking the Human Voice: The Philosophy of Operatic Technique” by Aditi Chakravary



March 24, 2012

“From Marshmallows to Markets: The Two Faces of Self-Control” by Maria Konnikova Hamilton
“Art of the Harvest: An Exploration of Saffron” by Claire Cheney
“Visualizing Science: An Ecologist’s Perspective on Film” by Sharon Shattuck


February 28, 2012

“Life and the Green Bay Packers: The World of a Cheesehead” by Jeremy Kamps
“SOPA, PIPA and Open Access” by Jeffrey Lancaster


December 4, 2011

“An American in North Korea” by Joshua Spodek
“Embodiment, Healing, and the Integration of Human Structures” by Ruthie Streiter


October 30, 2011

“Darwin vs. the Devil: The Conundrum of Creationism” by Katy Scoggin
“Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks and the Hidden Powers of the Mind” by Alex Stone
A panel discussion with members of Occupy Wall Street

September 18, 2011

“We See With Our Brains, Not With Our Eyes” by David Carmel
“Why Adults Should Watch Animation” by Colleen Cox
“Portraits of the Mind: Visualizing the Brain from Antiquity to the 21st Century” by Carl Schoonover


June 12, 2011

“Understanding the Universe Through Cryptozoology” by Fran Agnone
“C’mon Let’s Care About the Civil War!” by Nell Boeschenstein
“Photographic Seeing: Within You Without You” by Michael Itkoff


April 23, 2011

“Creativity: Myths and What Works” by Joshua Spodek
“The Historical Society for Fiction Anomalies” by Liz Sales
“Pangeatec: Powering the World with Solar Energy and a Global Electrical Grid” by Marc Perez


March 19, 2011

“Why Choose This Talk? Artificial Intelligence and What Makes Us Tick” by Justin Mound
Japan and Nuclear Realism by Neer Asherie


February 13, 2011

“How To Get In: A Practical Guide to Crashing Industry Parties, Openings, Events, Benefits, Luncheons, Award Shows, Receptions, Cocktail Parties, Auctions and Other Gated, Listed, Expensive, or Otherwise Exclusive Functions” by Deenah Vollmer
“Where’s My Laser Shark? Laser Weapons Demystified” by Olivia Koski
“Wanna Taste Some Smuggled Pirate Wine? A History of Prohibition and its Aftermath that Still Affects Us Everyday and Makes Me a Cold Blooded Criminal” by Ryan O’Connell


January 9, 2011

“The Invention of Children’s Clothing” by Lauren Palmor
“Kitchen Chemistry: How Onions Make You Cry and Why Dough Needs Kneading” by Heather Lanman


December 12, 2010

“Making Rhyming Illustrated Songs for” by Jeffrey Lewis
“Seeing Double, Making Art and Calling it a Day” by Ryan and Trevor Oakes


November 14, 2010

“In Every Atom Are A Hundred Blazing Suns” by Dillon DeWaters
“Why Does Bad Writing Happen to Good People?” by Abby Rabinowitz
“So What is a Bloody Social Entrepreneur Anyways?” by Magogodi Makhene


October 10, 2010

“Homemade Nuclear Fusion” by Sander Mann
“Artwork and Blood Series T For Transition” by Tara Cronin
“Proudly, Unabashedly Intellectual – Reclaiming the Legacy of the Founding Fathers” by Scott Kaufman