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Speaker Talk Date
Elizabeth Cho Artistotle’s Poetics and the Critical Response Method, from Oedipus Rex to The Wire 5/11/13
Tim Requarth What this electric fish’s brain tells you about yours 5/11/13
Eugene Rudensky Sickle Cells and Malaria: Tolerance as a Defense Mechanism 4/13/13
Steven Davis The Price of Coffee 4/13/13
Jake Cosden Whistle blowing in the digital age and constructing a story for Bradley Manning 3/23/13
Catherine Lacey Egg Money: the process and politics of commodified fertility 3/23/13
Jeremy Feinberg A Frog’s Tail: The story of a regional extinction and the unexpected discovery of newly documented species in the urban northeast 2/26/13
Gabriel Willow Winter: season of survival… 2/16/13
Dan MacCombie The things I wish somebody had told me before I started a business 12/15/12
Cora Currier A GWOT Glossary: The terminology of the war on terror 12/15/12
Adam Cronkright Behavioral Seeds: A few sentences that can shape and reshape a culture 12/15/12
Gabriel Willow Commensalism and the Hidden Ecosystems in Our Kitchens 11/13/12
Michael Heimbinder Visualizing Health and Environmental Information using HabitatMap and AirCasting 11/13/12
Ryan Cheney The Road to Fair Trade Cocoa in Haiti 11/13/12
Ranjith Annepu Sustainable Waste Management in India 5/19/12
Aditi Chakravary Unlocking the Human Voice: The Philosophy of Operatic Technique 5/19/12
Maria Konnikova Hamilton From Marshmallows to Markets: The Two Faces of Self-Control 3/24/12
Claire Cheney Art of the Harvest: An Exploration of Saffron 3/24/12
Sharon Shattuck Visualizing Science: An Ecologist’s Perspective on Film 3/24/12
Jeremy Kamps Life and the Green Bay Packers: The World of a Cheesehead 1/28/12
Jeffrey Lancaster SOPA, PIPA and Open Access 1/28/12
Joshua Spodek An American in North Korea 12/4/11
Ruthie Streiter Embodiment, Healing, and the Integration of Human Structures 12/4/11
Katy Scoggin Darwin vs. the Devil: The Conundrum of Creationism 10/30/11
Alex Stone Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks and the Hidden Powers of the Mind 10/30/11
David Carmel We See With Our Brains, Not With Our Eyes 9/18/11
Colleen Cox Why Adults Should Watch Animation 9/18/11
Carl Schoonover Portraits of the Mind: Visualizing the Brain from Antiquity to the 21st Century 9/18/11
Michael Itkoff Photographic Seeing: Within You Without You 6/12/11
Nell Boeschenstein C’mon Let’s Care About the Civil War! 6/12/11
Fran Agnone Understanding the Universe Through Cryptozoology 6/12/11
Mark Kessel The Aquatic Ape Theory 5/15/11
Amanda Simonson Why I Love Elephants 5/15/11
Joshua Spodek Creativity: myths and what works 4/23/11
Liz Sales The Historical Society for Fiction Anomalies 4/23/11
Marc Perez Pangeatec: Powering the World with Solar Energy and a Global Electrical Grid 4/23/11
Justin Mound Why Choose This Talk? Artificial intelligence and what makes us tick 3/19/11
Neer Asherie Japan and Nuclear Realism 3/19/11
Deenah Vollmer How To Get In: A Practical Guide to Crashing Industry Parties, Openings, Events, Benefits, Luncheons, Award Shows, Receptions, Cocktail Parties, Auctions and Other Gated, Listed, Expensive, or Otherwise Exclusive Functions 2/13/11
Olivia Koski Where’s My Laser Shark? Laser Weapons Demystified 2/13/11
Ryan O’Connell Wanna taste some smuggled pirate wine? A history of prohibition and its aftermath that still affects us every day and makes me a cold blooded criminal 2/13/11
Lauren Palmor The Invention of Children’s Clothing 1/9/11
Heather Lanman Kitchen Chemistry: Why Onions Make you Cry and Why Dough Needs Kneading 1/9/11
Jeffrey Lewis Making Rhyming Illustrated Songs for 12/12/10
Ryan and Trevor Oakes Seeing Double, Making Art and Calling it a Day 12/12/10
Abby Rabinowitz Why Does Bad Writing Happen to Good People? 11/14/10
Dillon DeWaters In Every Atom Are A Hundred Blazing Suns 11/14/10
Magogodi Makhene So What is a Bloody Social Entrepreneur Anyways? 11/14/10
Sander Mann Homemade Nuclear Fusion 10/10/10
Scott Kaufman Proudly, Unabashedly Intellectual – Reclaiming the Legacy of the Founding Fathers 10/10/10
Tara Cronin Artwork and Blood Series – T For Transition 10/10/10