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Tomorrow: FRED 14!

We’re stoked for an all-ladies lineup at tomorrow’s FRED.  Til then, take a look at what our speakers are doing out in the world:

Sharon Shattuck and Sweet Fern Productions made an incredible animation of a whale fall after being inspired by Radiolab’s recent “Loops” episode.  Check it out over at the radiolab blog.

Claire Cheney was recently interviewed by Epicurious about her trip to Macedonia for the saffron harvest. (Don’t miss that fantastic recipe for saffron Army potatoes at the end of interview.)

And check out Maria Konnikova‘s Lessons from Sherlock Holmes series published in Scientific American. Her first book, inspired by the series, will be published by Viking/Penguin in 2013.

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Saturday March 24: FRED 14

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Introducing Zé: Fred’s friend in Lisbon!

Our friend Ana Pais has started ZÉdosTALKS in Lisbon! On Dec 22nd, the first talk, “Our Crisis: Local, Global, Personal!” featured guests Luís Rego, a Diário Económico correspondent in Brussels; Ricardo Paes Mamede, an economics professor at ISCTE; and humanitarian aid worker Paula Gil of the March 12th Citizens Movement.

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September and October

Thanks to everyone who came out for the September talks (animation and the brain!). And super thank you to Colleen, Carl and David for such wonderful presentations.

See you October 15th (its a Saturday fred again!) for talks on art, creationism, and either physics or magic (from a physicist/magician). This one is in Brooklyn at 3B.

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Fred’s out for summer!

No Fred for July, but we will be back in September! Hope everyone is having a nice summer!

We have a few new videos up on youtube including one by Jeffrey Lewis from December.

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Fred in May

Fred will be this Sunday, May 15th.

One will be on the Aquatic Ape Theory of Evolution
and the other on elephants
It will be at the Soho location (5 Crosby Street 5H) at 7. Hope to see you there!

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First Saturday Fred! (and first real blog post)

Thanks Olivia, Ryan and Deenah for excellent talks at Fred Five. Ryan already has a video of his talk up on his blog.

We are very excited to host the first Saturday Fred (on March 19th) at 3B (the Brooklyn location).

One talk will be on Artificial intelligence. So hopefully we will get to hear more about the recent Watson win on Jeopardy and what that means for the future of robots!

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FRED gets a blog

FRED has lots of things to say. And now FRED can say them.

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